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A number of things cause females to have facial hair, such as ethnic background, medications, and menopause, among others. If obvious hair grows on your lip, you might be questioning ways to eliminate it. After all, there are numerous options, consisting of: shaving, hair elimination cream, and home waxing strips painless wax. If you’re like most people, you desire an option that triggers the least quantity pain, messiness, and has the longest enduring result. If so, upper lip wax is a terrific option.

Tips for Using the Product

Utilizing upper lip wax is a simple process, however there are some unique measures that one ought to take before and after she uses the product to assist make the treatment painless, cool and tidy, and extremely efficient.

Use the Product to the Right Location

When you use the item, beware to use it to the skin of the upper lip and not the flesh of the lip. The latter consists of more nerves – and is thus far more sensitive – than the small area just above it. Peeling away house waxing strips when the product is attached to the actual lip can be agonizing undoubtedly.

Dust the Skin With a Layer of Powder

Another way to reduce the ouch factor of body waxing is to dust the skin with a light layer of talc before you use the treatment. This will ensure that the product connects to the hair and not the skin. Most of the discomfort connected with body waxing comes from the product pulling on sensitive skin, not taking out hair shafts.

Wear Plastic Gloves

Waxing packages frequently feature plastic gloves that help keep wax from getting on your hands. If you take care with the applicator stick, you won’t require gloves, but using them is the very best method to keep the item where it belongs: on your upper lip and not your hands. If a set does not featured gloves, utilizing dishwashing gloves or food handling gloves is an excellent option.

Get rid of the Item Rapidly

Some people think that getting rid of the item gradually will trigger less discomfort and ensure that the hair is removed, but the exact opposite is true. Gradually pulling away the strip triggers it to pull on the hair shafts, causing pain and potentially permitting shafts to slip through the layer of wax. After the item hardens, it must be quickly retreated in the opposite direction of hair growth.