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The number of treatments depends on the grievances. Even if you have no particular grievances, a single colon hydrotherapy treatment will not suffice. Often six cleansing treatments are required. The very best thing to do is to make four appointments one after the other COLONIC IRRIGATION. These are then followed by an assessment to identify ways to proceed.

Is it needed to customize one food consumption throughout the colon hydrotherapy treatments?

The therapy is used to clean the body. It is suggested to eat animal protein, such as meat, fish and diary products, moderately. Besides you can consume as lots of veggies and as much fruit as you like.

Throughout the intake conversation the eating habits will be handled in information. Along with the iriscopy customised eating guidance is provided.

Will I drop weight with colon hydrotherapy?

Throughout the consumption discussion the eating pattern is gone over in information. During the colon cleansing period you will be supplied with personalized consuming guidance, adjusted to your personality if this is advanced throughout the iriscopy. This will assist you lose those extra kilos

Will my intestinal tract flora be interrupted?

The biggest portion of the intestinal flora is attached to the colonic wall and will not let go extremely quickly. Throughout the colon cleanse purified water is used. This keeps the digestive flora in balance as it was prior to the treatments. Frequently the digestive tract flora ends up being interfered with, however, and it is for that reason a good idea to utilize an item to bring the intestinal plants back in balance throughout or right away after the colon hydrotherapy.

Exactly what are the side effects of colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is constantly preceded by a consumption conversation whereby often iriscopy is used to take a look at the organs or organ systems that require assistance during the colon clean. This decreases the possibility of any adverse effects. After the treatment you may experience some fatigue during the course of the day. This indicates the body is actively cleaning itself.

Do I require any food supplements?

The food supplements you might need are determined throughout the intake discussion and are various for each individual. When it comes to acidification of the body you will get different guidance and (natural) products than someone who has problem digesting fat.

Exactly what is the difference in between an enema and colon hydrotherapy?

With an enema the water does not reach the whole colon and only the bottom area of the colon, the sigmoid, is cleansed. With hydrotherapy the water is distributed along the entire length of the colon making the cleansing procedure more extensive.

Will the small intestinal tract likewise be cleaned?

Throughout a colon hydrotherapy treatment just the colon will be cleaned. At the start of the colon there is a valve that stops any flow of water between the colon and the little intestinal tract. Throughout the consumption discussion and with the aid of iriscopy it ends up being clear how the remainder of the digestive systems can be supported in order to achieve correct colon cleansing.