Do you want to know how you can track who is visiting your website? In this article, I’m going to reveal the options you can use in order for you to know who is on your website!


You have probably put a lot of effort to create a useful and interesting website that has all the features to attract numerous visitors and make you rich. However, preparing SEO (search engine optimization) content and working hard on link building is only one side of the process.


You need to have accurate measurement of your achievements and progress. Thus, it is more than reasonable to ask: how can I track who is visiting my website.


Thankfully the technological advancement nowadays can do wonders, which makes the answer to your question very simple – you need web analytic software tool. There are many such products on offer today that vary in terms of features and capabilities.


Some are paid and some are free, so you can comfortably choose the best option for your particular business. It is a good idea to make a thorough search and read some customer reviews before opting for a certain product in order to make sure the tool will perform.


The free products are reliable, but the more costly ones will certainly provide you with more complete and efficient analysis.


Usually the most popular types of software do not require any particular coding or computing expertise and are pretty straight forward. Even novices and intermediaries will find these useful in improving their visit their website.


The data will be separated in a number of reports concerning various aspects of the pages’ performance. You can expect statistics on the number of visitors, their location in any point in the world, the pages entered and the time spent on the website.


The downloading, installation and setting process should also not present a particular difficult. Generally, you should be provided with a thorough guide and step by step explanation on how to work with the tracking software.


So, now that you know how you can find out the activities that’s going on around your website, you should no longer be bothered by whether you should track or not and just go for it!


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